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Concetta Troskie, MA, LPC-S, BC-DMT, RDT, RYT
EMDR trained


Meet Concetta, Creator of
Mindfully Embodied 

Welcome to Mindfully Embodied. You may be here because you are looking for a way back home to yourself. Maybe you are interested in activating change in your life, and you know you are ready to take the first brave step towards change.


Whether you are looking for individual or for group support, you are probably here because you are tired of watching yourself repeat behaviors or ways of thinking which keep you from feeling free and empowered, again and again. 


As a body-based expressive therapist, my goal is to meet you on your journey to wellness, and to guide you to back to embodying your innate radiance and rich life force. 

Together, we can unlock your body's inner healing intelligence, and unravel old patterns of addiction, fear and shame. We will express what is blocking you and identify what no longer serves you. 


You already have everything you need to reclaim your wholeness and joy. My work is to reflect where you have forgotten your own power, so that you can set yourself free. And I so look forward to that. 

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Training and Experience 

2018 - present 

Owner and Therapist, Mindfully Embodied, LLC // Dallas, Texas 



EMDR Trained, Compassion Works 


Counselor, UT Southwestern // Dallas, Texas


Primary Therapist, Creative Arts Therapist, The Renfrew Center // Dallas, Texas

2010 - 2014

MA, Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling, Antioch University // Keene, New Hampshire


Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor, Choreographer, Actor // India, Spain, Italy, France, Colorado, New York


Yoga Teacher Certification, Sivananda Yoga, 200 hrs // Woodbourne, New York

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